Harland Sharp has superior design. The ease of installing them, their lightweight, yet sturdy design, and their reliability made them the easy choice. Whenever Harland Sharp is mentioned, you know you are dealing with quality. Improved mileage, horsepower, track times, and daily driving are just a few examples of the benefits of Harland Sharp. I'm glad they were part of the process of my dream engine in my dream truck.

   Thank You Harland Sharp,
Wayne Hebb
The Harland Sharp Roller Rockers were a very good improvement on my truck and made a noticeable difference in power. It is a bit scary at first to tear
into your motor but once I got going the install
was easy. Overall, I am very happy
with the performance and
installation. The HS rockers
have been installed for
about 35,000 miles
now with no problems.

    Don Mann
To my Turbo Buick friends,

Today is Friday...and I am happy...because of Harland & Sharp's customer service!!

On Wed, as I was changing out the noisy Comp Cam lifters to replace with Morels, I found a galled thread on one
of my new H&S roller rocker arms. Now they are not EXACTLY new....I bought them from a guy on this site late last year...he said they were nearly new or maybe even unused. He sent them to my engine builder, who installed them and gave me the engine late last year. I was out of the country for a month and had a "no start when hot issue" that
I had a heck of a time fixing...and am just now able to replace the lifters. So you can see that these aren't exactly new, and that they were not purchased from H&S by me. 

I explained all this to Randy Jr. and despite me not buying  them from him, and the uncertainty around what had caused this problem, he never hesitated in advising to send it in for a warranty examination. When I called I was hoping I could just buy one lever....never dreamed I'd get this response!! . So yesterday I sent it to them...and today (Friday) Randy Jr. called to tell me that the problem was due to a quality issue with the adjusting screw, that he had fixed the lever, and will return it with a new adjusting screw to me....all at no charge!! He even offered to send me a brand new lever if I was uncomfortable with a "fixed" lever. IMO there is no need for that when I got a stand up guy telling me that my lever is as good as new. Absolutely Excellent Customer Service by H&S that I want to share.


   Bob Kolhouse
I upgraded from the stock stamped steel 1.6 ratio rockers to aluminum roller tip 1.7 ratio shaft mounted rockers from Harland Sharp. Just looking at the rockers, I was impressed with their quality. I like the shaft mounted design that works well with many of my other stock components. Install was very easy, and the instructions I received for installation were clear and concise. John Mercedes at Southeast R/T went above and beyond to provide me the information I needed to both purchase and install Harland Sharp rockers. They provided noticeable improvements in power on my '99 Dodge Ram 4x4, 5.2 liter 318 V8. The performance increase gained from these rockers is noticeable when I am daily driving, towing, or off-roading. I would recommend these
to anyone who is looking to upgrade their stock rocker arms to something better.

     Reid O'Lear